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Who are we?
Provence Days Homes was born of the simple question – why can’t buying a house in France be like buying a house in the UK or USA? Why does it have to be so opaque and complicated?

So we set out to make everything straightforward for the non-French buyer or seller. Each of our team is bi-lingual, and we can help you clear everything the language barrier puts in your way.

The process of buying or selling a house in France can actually be quite simple, and we will keep it that way for you.

Buying a house in Provence, or land to build on, is only the first and easiest step. After that you may well need help with finding a good designer or architect, a reliable builder or craftsman, etc. Who do you call?

Having lived in Provence and worked in this field for many years we can guide you long after the sale has gone through, and help you avoid the pitfalls we have climbed out of.
We think of it as a holistic service, our aim is not just to sell you a nest, we also help you to fluff up that nest.

Our Services


We will take you painlessly through the whole buying process, because from day one we listen to what you want

Bilingual Team

We are a team of bi-lingual Brits, as well as French who have lived and worked in the UK, so we really do speak your language

Vacation Rentals

Provence Days is also a dedicated vacation rental agency so we can advise on the rental potential of a property


A dedicated and enthusiastic sales team that will effectively market and find a buyer for your property

Local Knowledge

We are all locals, we know the area well, its pitfalls and its considerable delights – everything we know is yours for free

Holistic Approach

We are here to help you with the whole of your project: not just the buying or selling, but further down the line too

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